Cindy’s Cleaners

Committed to Constant Improvement

Cindy’s Cleaners is a full-service dry cleaning and laundry company at Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby to serve in-town customers. From everything in your closet to the carpet under your feet, we clean all types of garments and fabrics, even comforters, curtains, and more. And did we mention Cindy’s is eco-friendly, too? With our wet cleaning process, our newly added environmentally safe hydrocarbon solvent DF-2000 to our dry cleaning process, the best and newest shirt machine on the market, and the constant change to newer equipment and techniques to clean, press and finish your clothes, we are showing our commitment to constantly improve every day to bring a better product to our customers and our commitment to do our share to keep this earth a beautiful place to live.

Meet the Owner

Almost every day of the week Michael is at his cleaners making sure that everything is working the way he wants it. Whenever he is not there he is constantly in contact with his manager and his team. During hard economic times or during the pandemic lockdown of almost a year that has totally destroyed the dry cleaning industry, you can certainly hear his weekly reminder to his team, “Just take care of the quality of the clothes and everything else will work out.”

Getting out of Vietnam in a 25’ fishing boat with nothing more than the clothes on their backs Michael’s family first landed in Virginia in 1975. The following year they moved to Houston. And he has been here ever since.

Among a few escapees in that small fishing boat was his aunt Minh-Tam who soon after opened her own dry cleaner Mink’s DryClean USA in Houston which has been a staple of high quality and consistency since 1978. She had retired in 2005. But not before she had passed to Michael all the techniques to take care of the most highend and difficult garments.

Michael had also brought on board the Master Cleaner, Ms. Nida, who has over 50 years experience in cleaning highend clothing from her years of working in Las Vegas and cleaned all the clothes and costumes of all the big show performers there on a daily basis. She had also recently retired but still available to come in to help Michael whenever there is some very difficult clothes to clean.

Cindy’s Cleaners

Valet (Pickup & Delivery) Service, Cindy’s to You

At Cindy’s, we make it easy to do your dry clean and laundry right from your door.