Our Commitment

After a long period of testings, we have now completely switched to the hydrocarbon type of dry clean machines that use the environmentally safe dry clean solvent DF-2000 in all of our dry cleaning. Exxon’s DF-2000™ Fluid is a major advance in hydrocarbon dry cleaning solvent and it has earned a reputation among dry cleaning professionals as the best available alternative dry cleaning solvent. DF-2000 Fluid is within the NFPA 32 Class III A solvent classification.

We also use the Wet Cleaning method whenever the care label allows us to.

We ask you to recycle our hangers so we don’t trash this beautiful planet with used but still new hangers.

Our commitment to you is as strong as our commitment to mother nature. At Cindy’s, it’s our goal to reduce your carbon footprint. Our cleaner uses new equipment that requires fewer solvents and our valet service is designed to keep tons of vehicles off the road, reducing the number of emissions seen from hundreds of customers driving to our store to use our many garment services. Our valet service is for limited areas only. Please call/text Michael at (832) 270-9400 for details.

At Cindy’s, we understand that we have to protect what we have and not just when it comes to your clothes. Our pledge to you is to prepare your clothes in the best possible way, giving you the best result. Your clothes will always be taken care of and will not lackluster in any way because of our firm stance on being eco-friendly. Your clothes will always come out crisp, clean and in the best condition, guaranteed!