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Q: Why does a blouse cost more to be cleaned and pressed than a men’s shirt?

A: Since the blouses don’t fit onto the men’s shirt pressing machine that can press 70 shirts per hour, we have to steam hand press each blouse and a highly skilled presser on average can nicely press around 16-17 blouses per hour. That’s the difference !

Q: When is my order ready?

A: Please check the turnaround time at each of our location. If you absolutely need it back at a certain date and time (may be for a trip, a job interview or a party) please let us know so we can put a RUSH/SPECIAL tag on that garment. If the garment comes out of the assembly line and the inspection lady finds there’s still a stain on it she will automatically send it back to REDO (at no extra cost to you) and that may result in a day late. With a RUSH/SPECIAL tag on it she’ll know that you need it back no matter what and she’ll send it through so you can have it back on time.

Q: How much does it cost to clean a couture evening gown?

A: If it’s something out of the ordinary we’ll have to take a look at it to give you a more precise assessment and price. Why? because how much we charge to clean a special garment depends on how much time it takes us to clean that garment. We don’t just pick a price out of the sky. We always give our customers the best possible price depending on how much time it takes us to do the job.