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Free Pickup and Delivery

Our Valet (Pickup & Delivery) Service, our Cindy’s to You

Remember the world before we had mailboxes or ATM’s? We had to drive so far to a post office or a bank. Today we have solutions that push our services closer to where you are, alleviating the necessary nuisance of driving to the local cleaner for your garments to be finished.

Today, our coveted valet service, “Cindy’s to You”, is making a paradigm shift in how you get your garment care needs taken care of. At Cindy’s, we make it easy to do your dry clean and laundry right from your door. It’s simple and only takes three painless steps.


image of Cindy's Cleaners Dropoff Box

For a pick-up, please call/text Michael at (832) 270-9400 (pick-up line) or (832) 687-7408 (direct line). To sign up, please visit cindyscleaners.com/signup

We are starting this pick-up and delivery service with a limited number of areas to ensure that we can keep up with the quality and service that you deserve and demand. Cindy’s will be servicing, mostly, inside and near Loop 610 to begin with. As we progress and develop newer routes we will keep you posted right here on our website. We regret any inconveniences that such a limited area of pick-up and delivery may cause and we would like to hear your feedback on any matter that concerns you. Please go to our “Contact” page to communicate directly with Michael. Michael’s cell phone number is also listed on all of the stores’ business cards to ensure that all complaints, and compliments for that matter, never go unheard of.


Pamper Your Residents/Employees!

Cindy’s Cleaners offers the convenience of — drop box for bags of laundry/dry cleaning and daily pickups and deliveries straight to their doorsteps. Our aim is to make it easy and convenient for your residents/employees.

Ask Michael how this works– For details call (832) 687-7408 or email him at Michael@cindyscleaners.com and he will be happy to tell you all about it.