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Our Services

Cindy’s services are second to none. Come in today and see the Cindy’s difference!

Below is a list of our services. Call Michael direct at 832-687-7408 today with any questions, comments, concerns or requests or email him at michael@cindyscleaners.com.

In addition to our quality dry cleaning and laundering services, we also clean and preserve wedding dresses, prom dresses, evening gowns, tuxedos and more.

Dry Cleaning

Cindy’s is devoted to protecting the investment you make in your clothes, let your choice in dry cleaning be one that holds itself to the highest standards, Cindy’s Cleaners. Stain removal expertise and top notch hand pressers for all your dry cleaning and laundry garments.

Shirt Laundering

Your shirts will be phenomenally cleaned and presented without imperfections, every time. We are known as “Ring-Around-The-Collar Busters” for a reason.

Men’s shirts and women’s blouses are our pride. Don’t take our word for it. Come in to check it out for yourself.

Also, gentlemen, try our shirts “Bagged For Travel” and you will never travel without it again. It is just perfect. We guarantee that you will love it.

Black Tie Service

For more about our Black Tie Service, please click here.


From A to Z. From minor repairs to the most complex alterations we do it all. We have several in-house seamstresses and a couple top notch local tailors that can take care of all your alteration needs. We do it right to make you look your finest.

Household Items

Your linens, table cloths, drapes, curtains, furniture covers, duvets, rugs, pillows and other household pieces are treated with precision.

Bedspreads and Comforters

After we clean them you will love the obvious difference. Clean fresh smell, fluffy soft to the touch


Be dressed to the nine and pressed to the tenth with our formalwear service. Whether you are attending a special gathering or you’re out for a night on the town you will look your best! Whether it’s an Armani suit, a tailor made Saville Row suit, a Chanel dress or a St-John sweater we know exactly how to care for it. And it doesn’t cost you a fortune to get it cleaned either. We are reasonable and Michael likes to keep it that way.

Couture Garment Cleaning

Couture Garment CleaningAt Cindy’s Cleaners, we take great pride and care in our quality dry clearing services. So you can imagine how careful and meticulous we are with our couture garment cleaning process. Call or come in and ask to speak to Michael or Cindy herself in our Couture Garment Cleaning department. Whether you’re wearing a Giorgio Armani® suit, a St-John sequin-trim jacket, a Bottega Veneta® dress or a custom-made dress shirt, your designer garments, delicates and specialty items are meticulously inspected, gently handled, carefully treated, individually cleaned, and skillfully pressed and finished all by hands of our experts. Which means at Cindy’s Cleaners, your couture garments are in good hands.

Bridal Gown Alterations

Bridal Gown AlterationThe dress is perfect. It just needs some alterations to fit you perfectly. Bring it to us. From the small simple alterations that we can do it in-house to the most complex alterations that we can send you to the best seamstresses/tailors in town whom we have used for many years and have trusted their reasonable prices and their master workmanship.

Bridal Gown Cleaning and Preservation

Your wedding will run flawlessly when your dress is perfected for the most important day of your life. Let’s face it ladies, it’s all about the dress. And you’re stressing out over the many stains that got on your wedding gown because you have been dragging that beautiful dress on the grass or at the beach for a whole day of the photo shoot. Bring it to us. We are pretty good at removing those heavy stains. Then after your glorious day take care of your gown preservation needs with us too and let those memories last a lifetime. Come in for us to show you how we do it like nobody else does it. It’s clean, it’s beautifully boxed in our unique way to be stored away neatly for you to cherish the memories. And we give you a lifetime warranty on your wedding dress preservation.


Think your favorite shirt is lost forever to a wine spill? Let our restoration professionals bring back to life damaged garments and textiles with miraculous success.

Liability coverage

Every piece of garment in our place is fully insured. The limit on our insurance liabilities has no limit on it. It means that if anything happens to your garment while it is in our possession (whether during our cleaning process, in transit, by theft or a fire) it is fully insured to the full price of that garment. With adjustment for deductibles by their appraisers of course.

Leather & Suede

Your jackets, winter coats, pants and leather everything need that extra special care only Cindy’s can give you. Come in today to see how we can revive and beautify your leathers and suedes. We’ll do our best but there are always reasonable limitations due to the nature of aging leather and suede.


Ooouucchh! The pant of your favorite suit got caught on something and a hole was torn. Now, that’s something worth trying to save. Bring the whole suit in to get an estimate on how much to get that hole reweaved. It’s something well worth it to be able to save your favorite (and expensive) suit or dress.

Wash & Fold

We also do wash and fold for customers who don’t want to bother with it.